ParkLane Donations for Canada Charitable Gift Program

This website is for every person who participated in ParkLane's Donations for Canada Charitable Gift Program (Federal Tax Shelter ID #TSO70623 or Quebec Tax Shelter ID #QAF-05-0109) while resident in Canada during the period between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2009, and who did not opt out of the Class Action, and who is not an “Excluded Person”.

A settlement has been reached with ParkLane and the other Remaining Defendants: ParkLane Financial Corporation, Trafalgar Associates Limited, Trafalgar Trading Limited, and Appleby Services (Bermuda) Limited as the Trustee of the Bermuda Longtail Trust.

The settlement provides for the payment of $17.5 million. After payment of legal fees, the Class Proceedings Fund levy and administrative costs, the balance will be distributed to all class members who submit a valid claim form by July 31, 2017, which is the Claim Deadline. Claims submitted after that date will not be accepted.  

To review your options as a Class Member, along with other relevant information, please visit the FAQ section of the website.

***A notice respecting the settlement approval, and explaining how to make a claim will be sent by direct mail to the last known addresses for all class members. 

Direct mail notices will be sent on Monday, May 8th, 2017. Please allow sufficient time for your notice containing your login credentials to arrive. If you do not receive a notice by mail in the next two weeks please contact the Claims Administrator either by phone at 1-888-663-7194 or by email at***